MINE’s Finding Settlement Information presentation is now online!

Learn about where to find information in your new country and how to evaluate it. Resources and practice activities are included. See our Presentation page for details and links to the presentation.

Versions are available in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Are you:

very new to Canada?
settled in, new goals?

Whether you have been here for a few days, months, or years – you will be looking for information to help you settle in your new country. Where and how you find reliable information is different in Canada than in your country of origin.

You will need reliable and up-to-date information all along your settlement journey.

Over the course of your settlement you likely to need information about:

  • Where and how to look for work
  • How to get your credentials assessed
  • How to retrain or upgrade your skills
  • Business basics in Canada
  • Money management

MINE resources included in our presentation will help you to find reliable and up-t0-date information in this country, and the people who can help you find the information you need. It will help you develop good information-seeking skills.

Our focus is on helping newcomers to find the best information resources on employment, retraining/ skills development and business/financial management. But the skills you develop will help you with many other information needs over time.

Here you will find out about key information sources for newcomers in Canada and:

  • how to access the information
  • get help from information specialists
  • how to evaluate information

Check our our presentation here!